Result-Oriented IT Solutions

Here at Guidance Consulting, our focus is on creating result-oriented IT solutions for businesses in need of restructuring, development, and/or consulting on how best to navigate our increasingly technological world. Our goal is to become a strategic partner with every company we help, working in collaboration with existing technologies and employees to get the most out of your IT framework.

Through a partnership we develop with each and every one of our clients, we are able to provide a wide range of services related to the development and construction of IT environments. Whether you need to build an IT infrastructure from the ground up, or you need to streamline the way you access your data center environment, we provide custom-tailored solutions for unique businesses and the management that run them.

We are committed to providing top-level services, and are always developing new techniques for streamlining the field of IT. Look to us for:

- Information technology consulting- Data center management
- Data center consolidation- Capacity planning
- Effective disaster recovery planning- Server hosting operations
- Proactive system monitoring- Information security management

No one understands better than our team of experts how important it is to have quantifiable results, regardless of whether you're protecting against vulnerabilities or considering new members of your IT team. That's why Guidance Consulting always offers solid, dependable solutions that incorporate your goals and your bottom line.

When quality and consistency count, Guidance Consulting provides the perfect IT solution.

System monitoring

Technology for Today and Tomorrow (We Develop for Your Future)


One of the biggest services we provide here at Guidance Consulting is creating long-term IT solutions. No other step is as important in the information security and IT planning industry, since no one wants their hard work to become obsolete before there is a return on the initial investment.


In this way, the information technology field is a notoriously difficult one to navigate, since the hot trends of today are fast to transform into yesterday's news. For companies dealing with complex networks or online transactions, this can translate into lost time, lost productivity, and lost money. That's because shortsighted planning means you have to spend your time keeping up with information safety measures, vulnerability protection management programs, and the other IT solutions that weren't created with long-term viability in mind.


This is where Guidance Consulting steps in. Our engineers are trained in creating solutions that can not only start benefiting you today, but ones that are also able to adapt and grow along with your company. From capacity planning and bandwidth needs to long-term storage solutions, our IT solutions anticipate your future successes just as much as you do.



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